Used cars purchase and consignment sale

Do you need to sell your vehicle? Not only do we sell the trucks, but we purchase them as well. It is enough to fill in the web-form and we will contact you. Professional treatment is a matter of course, so you can count on a quick and easy conduct. Read through the steps of our purchasing process together with the list of the documents required.

How does the purchase take place?

  • You will be offered the best price in our store.
  • If you are not satisfied with our proposed value, your vehicle can be sold in a consignment sale.
  • Automax will arrange all the documents required for the transfer.
  • The process is finished by having all your money with you.

What documents are required?

  • Valid ID
  • another valid document that proves your identity (driving licence, passport, birth certificate, firearms licence)
  • master copy of the commercial register statement and company registration number
  • master copy of the VAT registered person
  • certificate of roadworthiness (TP)
  • certificate of the origin of the certificate of roadworthiness (ORV)
  • verified letter of attorney (proprietor, executive representative, the person charged with the sale and transfer of the vehicle)

Consignment sale

You can choose the second option of course, which is to sell your car through the consignment sale. You will leave your vehicle in our store and we will mediate the sale with your price given. We will handle your vehicle with a special care as we do with our vehicles. The consignment sale is a suitable option in case you are not satisfied with our recommended price or if you need your money straight away.

Do You want to sell Your vehicle? Let us know!

Basic information about the vehicle

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