Financial leasing

Financial leasing is the most popular method of financing the purchase of a vehicle nowadays. You pay the repayments like having an instalment credit; however, the vehicle stays in a property of the renting company.

Buying a vehicle on credit

Next option is an instalment credit. Apart from having your personal IDs, you will need to prove your salary amount. To obtain the instalment credit it is necessary to guarantee the purchase by some valuable entity (preferably a real estate subject).

Taking a vehicle in part exchange

This option means leaving your old vehicle in our store and choosing a new one. This is a good choice in case you are restoring your vehicle fleet and also when you are buying and selling the vehicles at the same time.

A pawn

The last option of financing your purchase in Automax is a pawn, when you gain the agreed amount of money while still having the possibility of buying your vehicle back in a proper term.


If you are afraid to take risks and you are looking for a convenient way, we can offer you a rental service. A rental service can be realized only in case of a 6-month rental contract.

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