Car export

Apart from the standard selling and purchase services, we are also able to export the vehicles abroad. Not only do we take the vehicles to the EU countries, but we also sell them through all over the world.

How does the export abroad take place?

What documents are required?

EU export

When you are exporting your car into the EU countries and the buyer is a taxpayer, he pays the price without the VAT. In case you are exporting the vehicle into the EU countries but the buyer is a non-taxpayer, he needs to pay the price with a VAT increase as in the Czech Republic.

Export to the countries out of the EU

In case you are exporting out of the EU, the buyer does not pay the VAT, however, he needs to leave a principal sum until the vehicle (semi-trailer, trailer or a van) crosses the EU borderline. Only then can the principal sum be returned.

We export our vehicles all over the world. Get to know where. For example:


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